Summer 2018 Blog

Hello everyone. Just updating my website with some new tour dates and realized I haven't added a blog update for a LOOOOONG time. Sorry. Much to be thankful about....I'm staying busy with performing in various musical projects, and on the technical side of things I've been doing live and studio sound for others, including my former bandmates in Yellow Brick Road, The Femmes of Rock (elec. string quartet fronted by Nina DiGregorio), and others. My production arsenal has grown considerably over the past couple years. I operate out of an office/warehouse facility in Laguna Niguel (Yellow Brick Road Entertainment). It's great to work both sides....on stage and behind the scenes, working out the left and right hemispheres of my brain (or what's left of it). Anyway, a quick note to say thanks to everyone (or anyone) out there reading this, and to all those who've supported me over the years. It's what keeps me going...until the next blog, I hope to see you out there somewhere. Take care.